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Quaker gatherings in the Riverside area began at least as early as 1928. “Fellowship Meetings” were begun at the home of Alice K. and Robert K. Leinau on May 27, 1928. This followed a special “Fellowship Pilgrimage Meeting” on May 6 at the Congregational Church which many Friends from various Meetings attended. The fellowship meetings were held once each month. A loose Association (Riverside Friends Association) was formed about one year later in 1929. In November 1939 a regular Meeting was organized which has become affiliated with the American Friends Fellowship Council as an Independent Monthly Meeting.

Attendance through the 1940s and early 1950s varied from 1 to more than 30 with most meetings drawing around 10 people. There is a notation about the meeting on Nov. 26, 1939 as follows: “About 30 in attendance. Business Meeting appointed Wm. Holcumb Clerk, Edith Halling [t]res[urer] [a]nd Robert Leunau Recorder (latter not being able to serve W.S. Fawcett appointed next mon. in Dec.) Meeting asked for Affliation with Am. Fr. Fellowship Council.”

On August 10, 1952, Meeting for worship was held in Redlands as a part of Yearly Meeting. Regular attendees around this time included Eubanks and Harriett Carsner, Gladys Fisher, Helen Fawcett, George Osborn, Rosa McKusick, and Leta Guernsey. When Mike and Linda Dunn joined around 1972, the Eubanks and Harriett Carsner were mainstays of the Meeting which often met in their home.

The Redlands and Riverside Monthly Meetings merged to form the Inland Valley Friends Meeting.

current characteristics

The Inland Valley Friends Meeting is currently part of Southern California Quarterly Meeting, which is affiliated with Pacific Yearly Meeting, which is affiliated with Friends General Conference. About 50 people are members or attendees, and typically 12-15 people attend each week. We also have monthly dialogues to discuss Quaker issues and share our spiritual experiences. The Las Vegas Worship Group is under our care.

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