Friends (Quakers) believe in the peace testimony, community, simplicity, equality, and that of God in every person.


“Friends assemble in the silence without prearranged program. Each tries to still the inward clamor of personal anxieties and ambitions, listening for the voice of the Inner Guide, endeavoring to be faithful to its instruction.” (Faith and Practice published by Pacific Yearly Meeting,  2001, page 26)

Inland Valley Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends is unprogrammed, and our meetings for worship last an hour, beginning at 10:15am. There is an active Children’s Program that includes peace- and art-oriented activities for younger children that begins at 10:15am. Children rejoin the adult meeting at 11:10am.

Inland Valley Quakers have a long history of working from a spiritual basis on behalf of peace, justice, and equality, and to sustain and restore the earth. In this way we translate our beliefs into action. Please join us in these efforts!

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Our Location

General Parking

We are meeting at All Saints Episcopal Church in Riverside, at the corner of Magnolia Avenue and Terracina Drive and across the street from the Riverside City College campus. Parking is at 4685 Magnolia Avenue, and is free for silent worship. 

Parking Lot

Once you park, walk up the steps and follow the signs.

Meeting room chairs and window

To get to the children’s room, keep heading down the hall and it will be the next room on the right.

Handicapped Parking

Park in the handicapped parking available at 4837 Terracina Drive, across Terracina from Central Middle School. As you had towards the main doors of the Episcopal church, look for a door to the left and follow the signs.